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July 3rd, 2008

02:43 pm
I know it's a long-shot but does anyone have a spare graduation ticket for 9th July, 11am they're willing to sell?

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May 10th, 2008

03:15 am
Greetings all!

Like the last poster I'm a New York student, and'll be attending Nottingham Uni in the fall through an exchange program. I was hoping to get to know a few people and learn some things about the school and the city before I go, so I'm not a lump who hides in her room all the time afraid of the world. ^_^

Is there anything you guys could tell me that you think would be really worthwhile for me to know? Academically or just fun stuff about the area. I'm an Art History major, for the record, and generally speaking not much of a drinker, more into the arts for entertainment's sake.
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April 18th, 2008

07:52 pm

I live in New York, USA and i was accepted to both Uni of Nottingham and MMU. Any advice/comments/suggestions? I want the inside scoop.


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August 31st, 2006

04:23 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm the editor of Impact this year, and we're starting up a new section this year called "Our Man In". Essentially, we're looking for anyone who's on their year out from Nottingham - you might be in China, Italy or Greece, anywhere in the world, really - we just want a half-page on your experience at that point in time, however you see it.

If you think you might be interested in writing one for us or you have a friend who would please email magazine@impactnottingham.com as soon as possible!
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July 19th, 2006

03:11 pm - Questions
Hi, I just got offered an Unconditional offer to study International Communications Studies at Nottingham and before I accept and transfer (I currently attend UCLA), I was hoping someone could tell me if this program is a.) any good b.) do people seem to enjoy it and c.) any other information you think pertinent to the program. I'm fairly sure I'll accept, but since I originally applied as an European Studies student but didn't have enough language units, I'm in the dark about this major. I hope it isn't like at UC Berkeley where Communication is huge joke major that people who want four day weekends take. I know in L.A. it's very competitive, which is why I didn't consider it there.

Also, I have a few questions about the campus. Is it easy to get into the town itself? I've read that it is, but then again they also tell you it's easy to get around Los Angeles on a bus and it certainly is not true. Is the housing nice? How is the catered food service? Is it the same thing every day or does it rotate by day of the week or is it an utter crapshoot and they never serve what is on the menu anyway?

Any information on Nottingham will be greatly appreciated as I have never been to that part of England before. Thanks!
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June 23rd, 2006

01:16 am
My name is Gale, and I have a question. I really hope you don't think its silly. I'm set to study at the uni this spring, (i'm from the US) and when I was looking at the website I was confused about the whole term vs. semester thing.
On the dates page it lists

Session 2006 - 2007
Autumn Term Mon 25 Sep 2006 - Friday 15 December 2006
Spring Term Monday 8 Jan 2007 – Friday 23 March 2007
Summer Term Monday 23 April 2007 - Friday 15 June 2007

Semester 1: Monday 25 September 2006 – Friday 26 January 2007
Semester 2: Monday 29 January 2007 – Friday 15 June 2007

Can someone explain that to me? I would appreciate it. I'm just wondering what applies to me as a study abroad student.


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June 15th, 2006

10:38 am - Good luck
Good luck to anyone getting exam results/degree results today!

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June 7th, 2006

09:46 am - AUT news
Aut news... taken from the UCU Website

Deal reached in university pay talks

A deal has been reached today (Tuesday) at the latest round of pay talks between the trade unions representing university staff and the university employers.

The offer will now be put to members of the newly formed University and College Union (UCU) who will ballot on whether or not to accept it. In the meantime the industrial action currently being taken by the union's members will be suspended from midnight tonight.

The deal on the table includes an increase in salary levels of 10.37% over 22 months from August 2006, as well as a minimum of 2.5% the following year. An independent review into the finances available in the higher education sector to pay staff will be commissioned and if more money is available to increase salaries this will be taken into account in future negotiations. UCU has insisted that the deal has to include the repayment of all monies deducted from staff taking part in the action short of a strike.

The pay increases agreed as a result of these negotiations are as follows:

August 2006: greater of 3% or £515
February 2007: 1%
August 2007: 3%
May 2008: greater of 3% or £420
October 2008: 2.5% or RPI (as at September 2008) whichever is the greater*

*if the review provides evidence of higher education institutions' ability to further improve the pay of staff in 2008-09 this would be included within these negotiations.

UCU joint presidents, Dennis Hayes and Dr Steve Wharton, said:
'The industrial action is being stood down with immediate effect and UCU members will be balloted on the new offer. We would like to thank ACAS and the TUC for their help in brokering this deal which has come as a result of a series of extremely tough negotiations. It is our members' magnificent solidarity during this dispute that has got us to this point, and now universities must return monies docked from those members’ salaries who took part in the action.'

UCU joint general secretaries, Sally Hunt and Paul Mackney, said: 'No settlement ever provides everything that you want for members, but we believe that this is the best that can be achieved within the current national negotiating environment. Members will see significant increases in their salaries over the next two years, but we are acutely aware that this will still not make up the ground lost over the past decades. We will continue to make the case for higher staff pay in the future, including to the independent review, and would like to express our sincere thanks to all UCU members for their support during this difficult dispute.

'We would also like to thank the National Union of Students and students around the country for their support at such a crucial time. We will be working to ensure the disruption is kept to a minimum and that students will be graduating on time.'

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June 4th, 2006

09:39 pm - Give us our marks!
Come to the Portland Building Steps at 2pm on MONDAY 5th JUNE for a peaceful mass sit-in/protest. Bring banners, noise and leave your apathy at home.

Also sign the protest here

There are people who, even with an unclassified degree, are going to be badly effected. Those who have jobs on the condition of a certain degree class. Those going into post grad. Even some second years who will need marks to apply for post grad stuff come the autumn semester.

If a car factory goes on strike for a week, the cars get made a week late. But we can't get a week of our lives and education back. So it's time to remind the university of this, and aim to get it all sorted out a hell of alot faster.
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May 23rd, 2006

12:50 pm - x-posting, meeting at short notice
(This is a message forwarded from a local activist. The BNP came within a handful of votes of getting a councillor in Heanor, near Nottingham)

Some of us are arranging an informal meeting tomorrow to discuss the need for action against the BNP, given their comparative success in the elections. I am reproducing something that appeared on their website recently [see below]. It gives a flavour of their buoyancy and the need for us to get something organised against them NOW.

We are meeting at 7:30 pm in the International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Road. This is an informal meeting merely to discuss what we might do. It will have an open agenda although we obviously want to come with some proposals for action.

We are not looking to set up anything exclusive. Other people will be doing stuff we don't know about and we clearly have to make connections with them. But something needs to be done so we thought we would get the ball (well one ball) rolling.

Hope you might make it and sorry for the short notice.

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